Floor Preparation and Filling

Classique Floor Design provide all aspects of floor preparation, installing screens from 3mm upwards.

Effective floor preparation is an essential part of any refurbishment project. With our specialist equipment and years of experience, we can ensure the highest standards of cleaning and preparation necessary before installing your preferred flooring system or to begin a construction work. Our dedicated machines and a range of preparation techniques leave your surfaces smooth and ready for work. Our floor preparation services create minimum disruption.

High quality floor preparation

We provide a range of floor preparation services to fit your needs. If you have a floor that requires diamond grinding, smoothing or screed renovation, we have you covered! We have a variety of diamond floor grinders, dust-controlled machines and other handheld equipment that are capable of effectively removing all particles and efficiently smoothing and levelling the floor before any construction work begins. We serve the whole of Northern Ireland, so whatever your problem is, make sure we’re your first call.

Terminator Floor Stripper

Here at Classique Flooring, we use the Innovatech Terminator ride-on Floor Stripper. This superb piece of equipment massively increases the speed of uplifting existing floors, including carpet, vinyl, wood or ceramic tiles. Its ability to remove most adhesive residues significantly reduces the requirement for surface preparation work, prior to screeding or laying new coverings. Our battery-powered model is one of only a few such machines in the United Kingdom.

With zero emissions, independence from the site power supply, no trailing cables and total manoeuvrability, we can operate the Terminator inside a wide range of premises without fuss or bother. The speed and efficiency with which it removes coatings means we now progress work much faster, allowing us to maximise the time available for installation of the new floor, showing the range of materials a Terminator will lift and the confined spaces within which it operates with ease.

Our floor preparation Service Include:


  • Scabbling
  • Shot Blasting
  • Diamond Grinding
  • Removal of Old Floor Finishes

Subfloor Preparation

  • Rapid Repair Mortars
  • Surface Applied DPMs
  • Smoothing and Levelling Compounds
  • Penetrating Screed Renovation Systems


  • Rapid Drying Screed
  • Specialist Renovation Screed